Your Guide To Decorative Glass Finishes

Interior glass within a building is a crucial element in building design. But plain glass doesn’t have to be boring, have you considered utilizing the glass as part of the decoration too? Whether you’re looking for a frosted effect, manifestation design or you’re looking for a transparent colour, you can create the look you want for less using a self-adhesive window film.  This blog is going to explore the plethora of options available to you as a designer, business or homeowner.


What is a window film?

From communicating a certain message, to providing a decorative look and feel, or even bringing privacy to a building, window film is the perfect solution to achieving any of those goals.

Put simply, a self-adhesive film can be used to cover glass, both internally on partitions and glazing, as well as on external windows to provide a functional or decorative benefit.

Often people want to stop glare or light into a room, to make the room more comfortable. The first thing you think of for this is a blind or curtains. These traditional measures are also decorative and can be a real feature of any room.

However, what about if you don’t want to use blinds or curtains? In an office environment, or a commercial setting, you may be considering something more functional to be able to block the glare or light in the same way… window films could be the perfect choice.

Window films can be a contemporary solution for any window where you need privacy but want to retain some of the natural light coming in. Films are often translucent enough to let in natural light but can be a modern elegant alternative to curtains or blinds.

Decorative window films are perfect for privacy and decorative applications on glass and windows. The ideal solution to give a touch of elegance and originality to the glass surfaces of commercial buildings, shops, restaurants, offices, hotels, wellness and spas.

Benefits of window film

So, window films can look good and be less conspicuous than blinds. The other great benefits of applying a window film is that it can be easily replaced or updated to change design and function in the long term. Simply apply with water or remove by peeling away. It’s a simple way to change your glass.

As well as achieving premium results, the films are easy to handle, quick to apply and can be removed at any time. You can add to existing glass in a room to co-ordinate with any new design scheme, without having to replace the glazing. Décor window films are constructed from durable and flexible polyester materials, plus they’re available as standard pre-cut patterns. Constructed from a high-quality polyester 40 micron film with pressure sensitive adhesive, installation is quick and easy too.

There are literally hundreds of styles and designs including opaque, geometric designs, stripes, and graduations between the 3M Fasara and VION Décor patterned ranges, with different light transmission and reflection. But you’ve also got the option of translucent colours, dichroic glass effects or even textiles depending on the look you’re wanting to create.

VION Decor

Decorative window films are ideal for internal application to customize windows and glass partitions. Often wet applied, glass finishes can be a versatile solution for privacy, decorative and architectural applications.

Glass is often used to separate public and private spaces within a building or it can be processed to ensure a more comfortable space in an area. Window films can therefore provide an elegant screening of conference rooms, waiting rooms, glass partitions.

As a great alternative in an unlimited range of applications such as; shopping malls, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, bars and many others. The decor range can provide a variety of contemporary glass designs, all of them individually adaptable to customer preference.

Glass means transparency, brightness, lightness, freshness and elegance. As we mentioned, it is often the essential element in building design within offices, showrooms and shopping malls. Using this space, you can also use it as communication media or it can be decorated to maximize its effectiveness.

Applying window film to glass saves time and money, and makes the project go fast and easy. It can be applied on-site with little or no business downtime. Its application is quick, simple and direct, and does not require removal or transfer of the existing glass for pre-fitting preparation.


Surface Designed

Hopefully this blog has got you thinking about where you could use glass finishes. If you want to see more ways to decorate your glass, have a look at our website for inspiration. You don’t need to just consider blinds or curtains when you need to create privacy in a building, but you could use the glass in a more stylish way by creating a light open atmosphere instead.

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