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The nature of healthcare workplaces naturally demands that these environments must be calm, clean and relaxing, while also coping with the pressures of high traffic and a need for a high level of functionality.

3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl' architectural finishes provide hygienic solutions that are easy to clean and replace without compromising on looks or finish. For facilities with often highly-constrained budgets, our surface finishes give healthcare providers the ability to design without limits, without having to sacrifice quality, functionality or cost.

Abrasion resistant, impact resistant and stain resistant, DI-NOC and Cover Styl' can be used within humid environments with excellent physical and chemical performance.

Where walls are marked and tired, especially in areas of heavy traffic, architectural finishes can be applied to update the look and feel of clinic rooms.

3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl' materials can be used to cover walls, furniture and partitions, giving building managers and designers a wide range of textures and colours to combine and choose from, to create a unique and fresh look for each location. There is no need for costly and disruptive construction work to repair walls and replace furniture.

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