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VION Decor Window Films are a high quality polyester 40 micron film with pressure sensitive adhesive. Available in more than 40 printed patterns and designs including opaque, geometric designs, stripes, and graduations are available. 

The range of decorative window films are ideal for internal application to customise windows and glass partitions. Perfect for privacy, decorative and architectural applications.

VION Decor Window Film

Interior glass within a building is a crucial element in building design. Occupants can have an array of objectives of what they want to get out of their glass, from communicating a certain message, to providing a decorative look and feel, to even bringing privacy to a building. VION Décor Window Film is the perfect solution to achieving any of those goals.

Ideal for almost a unlimited range of applications such as; shopping malls, showrooms, hotels, restaurants, bars and many others. The decor range can provide a variety of contemporary glass designs, all of them individually adaptable to customer preference.

As well as premium results, the films are easy to handle, quick to apply and can be removed at any time. The films are constructed from durable and flexible polyester materials.

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