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Squid is a self-adhesive transparent fabric for covering windows that allows you to see out, but stops people outside from looking in during the day. Squid is easy to install without any fixtures or fittings. It can be used in any interior on any type of window, regardless of its size and shape.


Brand Squid
Composition Polyester
Thickness 0.3mm
Air Release No
Finish Textured
Durability 12 years
Size 1300mm x 50m
Colours White


  1. Technical Specification

    Download (PDF, 106.3 KiB)
  2. Squid Office Projects

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  3. Squid Gallery

    Download (PDF, 3.9 MiB)
  4. Architextural Glass Finishes Brochure

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Why Choose Squid?

Squid is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.

Squid helps to retain privacy while still enjoying your view. This is unlike frosted film, which blocks your natural light and stops you from seeing through at all. Squid has a unique texture with a beautiful, natural feel. It is suitable for any interior or type of architecture due to it’s minimalism. Plus, Squid is quick and easy to install. You can reposition Squid during the installation and it won’t damage your windows.

Squid can be used on any type and shape of window. It can be plotted on digital cutters and can be seamlessly joined for larger surfaces. Squid sticks to the window indefinitely but can be removed easily leaving minimal glue residue. The high-quality substrate is perfect for digital printing. Covering your window with fabric in the easiest way possible, breathing new life into homes, offices and public spaces.

Squid keeps a lot of the sun’s heat out and it can withstand extreme humidity too. It’s also breathable, unlike plastic window-covering film, so it’s even suitable for HR++(+) glass. Tests have shown that, colour dependent, 25% – 36% of the sun’s energy is reflected and that it reduces the temperature by at least 3°C.

Download The Full Pattern Book

Download (5.95 MiB)

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