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As the fastest growing brand of architectural film, Cover Styl’ films are available in hundreds of colours and finishes. Used widely throughout Europe, this emerging brand is a fantastic option where budgets are tight as a great value engineering proposition for refurbishments. The range is polymeric calendered, with a durability of up to 10 years for indoor applications.

Available in a huge range of finishes including wood grains, marble, leather, super matt, glitter, fabric, colours and stone. The films are robust and durable for wrapping existing surfaces. We stock the largest selection in the UK, offering affordable options by the metre. We can also offer access to the full range on short lead times.


Transforming interiors

With eco-friendly materials fast becoming rising stars in the world of interiors, there are multiple benefits of using architectural films and how they can refurbish existing surfaces. Gone are the days when wrapping was exclusive to vehicles; architectural films have opened up a wealth of design possibilities.

In a world where businesses need to keep up with the latest trends, refurbs are always high on the agenda, but contrary to popular belief, a renovation project doesn’t have to break the bank. Transforming a building’s interior has never been easier. From walls to partitions and even lifts, doors, columns and ceilings, thanks to architectural finishes you can wrap any surface. If you’re looking for an alternative renovation solution, why not consider self-adhesive films for a simple and cost-effective resolution for interior design projects?

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Changing spaces…

Before Wrap Furniture After Wrap Furniture

Wrap Furniture

Installation Furniture refurbishment in Best Western Hotels using pattern K1 completed in under 2 hours
Materials: Cover Styl' Primary Range
Before Redesign Counters After Redesign Counters

Redesign Counters

Installation Quick and easy colour transformation of a counter using self-adhesive films
Materials: Cover Styl' Primary Range