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The Blaze films shift colors in the warm tones of cyan/blue/magenta and red/gold color regions of the spectrum. 3M Dichroic Glass Finish DF-PA Film offers a way to create unique, ever-changing color to many interior building surfaces. Influenced by the color of the light, this transparent film provides a dichroic color effect, meaning it appears to change color when viewed at various angles.


Brand 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes
Composition Polyester
Thickness 117 micron
Air Release No
Finish Gloss
Durability 7 years
Size 1220mm x 30m
Colours Multi Colour


  1. 3M Dichroic Product Bulletin

    Download (PDF, 246.7 KiB)
  2. 3M Dichroic Application Guide

    Download (PDF, 273 KiB)
  3. Decorative Window Film Brochure

    Download (PDF, 1.4 MiB)
  4. Architextural Glass Finishes Brochure

    Download (PDF, 18 MiB)

Why Choose 3M Dichroic Glass Finishes?

Download The Full Pattern Book

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