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3M Ultra Series

A range of transparent and weather stable polyester films, designed to provide protection from injuries to persons, or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass.

In the case of glass breakage, the fragments are held together by the strong acrylic adhesive. The film provides enhanced security, whilst also rejecting UV light to reduce fading to fabrics and furnishings. With a scratch resistant coating.

For use on the interior surface of windows. They are composed of alternating stacks of transparent and weather stable polyester film, scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. The high tensile and tear strength increase glazing resistance, with a superior adhesive to provide fragment retention.

Accidental explosions are everyday risks for industrial, lab and manufacturing facilities. Bomb threats often involve schools, government buildings and commercial facilities.

The glass on windows and doors can be a vulnerable entry point into the building. Most buildings do not have fortified glass to prevent it shattering, resulting in potentially easy access through the window. 3M Security Films and Attachment Systems have been used in thousands of buildings to prevent this.

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Technical spec

3M’s Ultra Series provide an effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass. In the case of glass breakage, the fragments are held together by strong acrylic adhesives. This technology can mitigate bomb blasts as well as provide superior protection against forced entry, civil unrest and other impacts.

Ultra S600 and Ultra S800 are certified impact resistant according to EN 12600. Both films are also rated Class A fire resistant, according to ASTM E84.

Combine 3M Security Window Film with 3M IPA Systems for an added level of security. The attachment system bonds the filmed window to the frame with an adhesive or profile option. The films are designed to keep broken glass together, and the attachment systems are designed to keep the glass safely in the frame.

Protect people and property from a range of security concerns including forced entry crimes and theft, bomb blasts and acts of vandalism. Films include a thicker adhesive that helps hold broken glass together, hindering anyone trying to break and enter through a window. They also help to reduce the threat of flying glass in the event of an explosion.

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