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With professionals consistently having to work to a budget, these high value, high quality, architectural finishes have proven to be considerably cheaper when comparing refurbishment versus new build projects, with figures showing refurbishment is generally 1/7 of the cost compared to ‘making it new’.

DI-NOC Architectural Finishes offer a number of key benefits, including being easy to apply, hardwearing and resistant to dirt. Experience has demonstrated that in all market segments, refurbishment with 3M DI-NOC self-adhesive films provides a budget friendly solution with high quality and excellent results.

Hundreds of Patterns and Finishes

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are self-adhesive films designed for interior and exterior decoration and refurbishment projects. Every surface becomes a potential project on ceilings, walls, facades, doors, columns, bars, counters, cupboards, lifts, partitions, department stores, offices, restaurants, lobbies, bathrooms, hospitals, banks and conference rooms.

One of the main attractions for many busy businesses, such as shops, offices, banks, bars, and restaurants, is they can remain open when applying the self-adhesive films, as disruption in day to day activity is minimized, with no additional equipment or technology required.

Lightweight and self-adhesive, they can be applied on site to existing substrates quickly and easily, with less likelihood of error and waste. Businesses can remain open during the DI-NOC application, in turn minimising disruption during a refurbishment. 3M DI-NOC films come with CE marking and EN 13501 fire certification to give your customers peace of mind

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Changing spaces…

Before Update Counters After Update Counters

Update Counters

Installation Bank counter refurbishment project completed using 3M DI-NOC films
Materials: 3M DI-NOC Extended Range
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Before Bar Refurbishment After Bar Refurbishment

Bar Refurbishment

Installation Bar area was wrapped to transform the business without any disruption during application - and reusing existing fixtures and fittings to keep refurb costs lower
Materials: 3M DI-NOC Extended Range