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Interior design trends for 2019


2018 saw the rise of bold colours, textures and sustainable ways to refurb a building’s interiors but what will be the key design trends of 2019? Well, you’re about to find out!

Yep, that’s right, we’ve looked into the future and foreseen what is set to be the top trends in 2019! But not only that, we’ll show you how architectural finishes can meet these in-trend designs.

Variety? We’ve got that covered too. With hundreds of patterns, design potential is unlimited, making vogue design more than achievable.


Believe it or not concrete is becoming well-known as the go-to material for bathrooms. Giving a robust, industrial feel the tough, yet stylish look is set to be one of the key trends for 2019.

So, make bathrooms the vocal point of your interior design! The heaviness of the concrete material adds a ton of weight to an interior space. Thanks to the vinyls from Cover Styl’ achieving this look without building a wall of concrete is now possible. Finishes U10 - Slate Concrete, U19 - Light Concrete and U20 - Dark Concrete can bring this subtle yet sophisticated feel to bathrooms.

Natural wood

Ever pined for the interior design that replicated the outdoors? You’re not the only one. Wood is set to be high on interior designer’s must-have list.

You may be thinking that the look, feel and touch of wood would be impossible to replicate? Believe it or not, with architectural finishes it is possible! Both Cover Styl’ and 3M DI-NOC ranges feature Wood finishes, that mirror the look and feel of the real thing. This timeless effect is always in trend, you really have to feel it to believe it.


The world has gone eco mad! The last decade has unearthed the importance of looking after our environment. Guess what? Architectural finishes can help tick this box too!

Ripping out your interiors and increasing landfill? Wrap it, don’t rip it! You’ll save the environment and improve your environment by simply improving your substrates with vinyl. It lasts too. With a durability of 10 years plus, your next refurb is a long way away, helping the cost-conscious businesses flourish.

The new grey, matt black

Matt black is here to stay. Providing the perfect hue for invigorating a room. Creating a sense of drama, matt black will influence fashion, beauty and interiors in 2019.

What are you after in your interior space? Is it class and elegance? What matt black lacks in vanity, it really makes up for in sophistication and style. Hiding a multitude of sins, matt black is an eternally chic colour.

This matt trend is likely to stick around for a long time, so it’s worth investing in. The new innovative finishes in the 3M™ DI-NOC range boast an ultra-matt top coat, which creates a natural, realistic and elegant look and is designed to make films fingerprint and dirt-resistant - something revolutionary to the market. 

If you want to find out more about architectural finishes, please email jack@architextural.co.uk.