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3M adds wow factor to The BRIT Awards 2018 stage

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The BRIT Awards 2018 were given an extra wow factor thanks to a range of innovative architectural finishes.


Accomplished stage designer, Misty Buckley, who is world renowned for her work with well-known artists, asked science-based technology company 3M™ to help create the bespoke set for the biggest event in the British music industry’s calendar.


Misty is celebrated for having created numerous sets through her company, Misty Buckley Production Design, including the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games and the world-famous band Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams tour.


The dramatic, origami-inspired stage backdrop stood 15 metres tall and 59 metres wide and comprised of multiple folded and prism-shaped formations.


The revolutionary designer constructed her set using a steel frame, covered with a hard cladding of aluminium composite board and then wrapped in 3D-conformable 3M™ DI-NOC finishes.


For each plane in her set she chose a different pattern from 3M™’s Advanced Metallic, Metallic Hairline and Metallic ranges.


To make the stage more unique she used 23 laser projectors and the overall effect was praised by architects, interior designers and the audience.


Misty said: “We were delighted with the response to our stage design, from both the industry and general public.


“The DI-NOC range of architectural finishes by 3M™ allowed us to achieve an outstanding look that really brought our whole design together.


“The 3M™ materials responded incredibly well to projections, giving a texture and depth not seen before in conventional projection materials.”


Following the recent addition of new patterns and textures based on the latest trends, the new range of innovative architectural finishes, which bear a close resemblance to natural materials, now comprises of more than 1000 different designs, facilitating creative design both for interiors and exterior facades.


Wanting to replicate the appearance of various solid dark metals, Architextural, part of the William Smith Group 1832, provided Misty with the materials needed, which included DI-NOC architectural films.


Pen Webley, marketing team leader for 3M™’s Commercial Solutions division, said: “I had never seen the product used in that way before. It looked incredible. It just goes to show that with the DI-NOC range of architectural finishes by 3M, the only limit is your own creativity.


“This was a great opportunity to show a large audience how amazing the DI-NOC architectural finishes look once applied, which is important, because it can sometimes be difficult to envisage by just leafing through a booklet of patterns.”


To find out more about 3M™ DI-NOC architectural finishes, please contact Lindsay Appleton lindsay@williamsmith.co.uk.