Application Inspiration

Here’s a selection of recent transformations using self-adhesive architectural films.

Wrapping existing surfaces is a cost effective design solution for interior and exterior new building refurbishment projects, these vinyl films realistically recreate the visual effect of natural materials at a fraction of the cost.

Inspiration gallery by Architextural
3M DI-NOC VM-1693 Bar Wrap

Bar Wrapping

The utilisation of wrapping as a refurbishment method in the bar environment is becoming more and more popular. Architectural film provides a solution where bar owners can keep costs down whilst also preserving any real disruption to business, with the end result of the refurbishment remaining at a very high standard.

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Retail Wrapping

The flexibility of architectural finishes lend themselves perfectly to the retail environment. The seamless application of film makes it particularly suitable for retail, with downtime, mess, noise and disruption all being reduced with this type of refurbishment opposed to a traditional method.

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Hotel Wrapping

Architectural finishes are the perfect product for Hotel renovations. The time and mess wasted due to traditional refurbishments can be very detrimental to a hotels business. Using architectural film you can avoid a lot of downtime and disruption to a hotels business, allowing for a much more seamless overhaul with the same high quality results.

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Residential Wrapping

The residential environment is one the fastest growing sectors in interior wrapping. The concept of preserving existing substrates is providing homeowners with a great opportunity to reinvigorate their current fixtures at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new. The flexibility and design possibilities the films bring means it can be utilised in a number of different environments within a home.

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Office Wrapping

The office environment is a great example of how architectural finishes can be used to their full potential. The flexibility of the film means that a multitude of fixtures and fittings in this space can be revitalised without having to 'rip out'. Allowing for creative design to be implemented to the office space.

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Washroom Wrapping

One of the most common applications using architectural film is within washrooms. Due to the cost and inconvenience involved in replacing a washroom or toilet block in any commercial premises, wrapping over existing doors, cubicles, tiles and counters means you can totally transform them for a fraction of the cost.

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Cover Styl bar wrap

Bar Wrap with Cover Styl Finishes

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Unique Fabric Glass Design

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Facade Film During Install

Facade Film Cladding Wrap

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3M DI-NOC Fine Wood

Chiller Counter Wrap in 3M DI-NOC

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