Preserve Form And Function With Surface Finishes

Wrapping as a method of rejuvenating interiors is quickly becoming the go to solution for commercial environments. Hyper realistic finishes and textures, speedy and clean application with minimal disruption to business, architectural film provides the perfect blend of form and function.

Function and Form

Revamp, Don’t Replace

The appetite for upcycling interiors is in and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Businesses are increasingly looking to upgrade their interiors on a budget and without the upheaval of ripping out and replacing substrates.

Using film to refurbish also helps tick the sustainability box. It is better for the environment for venues to make use of what they have and give it a new lease of life, rather than replacing, and increasing landfill unnecessarily.

The look, feel and touch is high-end too. Architectural finishes are highly engineered, durable films, designed to look and feel like real-life materials. This allows clients to create bespoke furniture using less expensive materials, wrapping them to look like authentic marble, wood or concrete. With thousands of finishes available, the possibilities are vast.

With a world of possibilities at their fingertips, companies looking to reduce costs and improve their sustainability would be wise to look at upcycling using self-adhesive finishes to refresh spaces with minimal disruption to the business.