5 Ways to Refurb Kitchens in Styl

Kitchen wrapping is huge right now. Use of Cover Styl’ in kitchens is something we are seeing more and more. It’s quite simply a trend which has severely escalated over the last 12 months. But, why? Architectural finishes as a refurb solution is something we projected to hit solely in the commercial market place due to the huge cost savings that were to be had for businesses. Not so much in the residential market. Nevertheless. In this blog we will be giving you 5 key reasons to why wrapping with film, and more specifically Cover Styl’ architectural film is flourishing in the residential environment too.


Resurfacing kitchens with Cover Styl’ architectural film is unquestionably the present and future of kitchen design. Have an upcoming project where you think Cover Styl’ architectural film could be the answer? You can simply request a sample, or more information email info@architextural.co.uk.

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