20 Reasons To Recover In Styl

Cover Styl’, an arm of the business SOLAR SCREEN which was formed in 1984, has been on our shelves here at William Smith since June 2017.

So, what is Cover Styl’ I hear you ask? Well, in its simplest form, the product is a self-adhesive wrapping material that is used to reinvigorate interior design. A product and solution that has taken the UK market by storm since its arrival into the marketplace.

In this blog, we will take you through some reasons (20 to be exact) why Cover Styl’ architectural finishes are proving to be such a popular refurbishment solution.

9. Proven product

‘’Proof is in the pudding’’

It’s all well in good us sitting here and telling you how great Cover Styl’ is but if we can’t prove that the concept works you aren’t going to trust us are you?

This is something us and Cover Styl’ have thought about too. As mentioned, this is a relative unknown to some so its obvious that case studies are crucial for the product being trusted in the marketplace. Both companies have completed many case studies on a wide range of applications with Cover Styl’. And when hotels like the Marriot is using this product it really helps back up the claims we make about the product.

18. Knowledge/service

Knowledge is power. Is one of our straplines as a company, and its also a strapline the team at Cover Styl’ clearly have as a mantra too.

Both organisations have employees that are incredibly knowledge when it comes to Cover Styl’ products. Whether that’s; product queries, key selling points, design advice, application possibilities and much more, our teams can advise you on a wide variety of queries you may have. Providing you with as much confidence as possible in the product as a refurbishment method.

That wraps up our 20 reasons why to recover in styl blog!

Impressed with the capabilities of the Cover Styl’ brand and product and have a project in mind where you think the film could be utilised? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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